Troubleshooting Tips for Logging Into the Applicant Portal

In order to login to the Applicant Portal requires the email address, date of birth, and Social Security Number you entered on the application. If the information you provide to the portal login does not match what was entered on your application, the portal will not allow you to log in.


Your information may not be entered in Checkr’s system in the way you remember:

Enter alternative email addresses: if your email address usually has a “.” in it, try removing the “.” (i.e. if your email address is, try entering it as

If you have tried the steps above, please try logging into the Applicant Portal now.


Accessing reports older than 6 months

Background checks completed more than 6 months ago are not accessible on the Applicant Portal. To request a copy of your report, please contact our Applicant Support team by submitting a request here.


Still not able to log in?

*If you still have trouble logging in to the Applicant Portal, please contact the party you applied with to verify the email address and date of birth on your application.* Then, you may log in using that information.

Thank you.


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